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Help the World’s Water Supply by Helping your Home: Some Solutions to Water Shortage Problems

California was in the face of a crisis just earlier this year: according to computations by their state’s fact sheet, more than half of the water consumption coming from residential areas can be attributed to their homeowners’ lawn irrigation, which becomes even more of a hit to their own water supply during the long drought the whole sate had experienced. On a national scale, watering lawns and gardens at home account for an approximate 1/3 water expenditure in residential areas, which leads to a total of around 9 billion gallons on a single day. This is cause for raised eyebrows especially when you take into account the water consumption in all other nations in the world and from other modes of usage aside the ones coming from residential areas, such as industrial and commercial ones, which adds up to a staggering amount that by estimate is within the range of tens of billions of gallons or more each day.

As for California, their central water district ramped up their efforts in conserving water by means of providing a $2 rebate for every square feet of lawn replaced with plants that are considered non-intensive in their consumption of water and for switching to landscaping systems and methods that save on water. This proved to be a success, too, as funds allotted for the initiative were used up shortly after its inception. Aside from their central water district’s water conservation scheme, some local suppliers that are within its jurisdiction even added more incentives to boost their efforts in those trying times of drought. For example, Los Angeles gave a $3.75 rebate, instead of the standard $2, for the first 1,500 square feet of their residents’ replaced lawns.

So, the problem is not just relevant to the state of California and the whole United States, as shortages in water supplies and long droughts can happen in any part of the world as an effect of climate change. Despite this, though, there is a way we could contribute to preserving this valuable resource and helping people from all over. One such way is by installing a water filter system that purifies your household’s water supply, which helps in reducing unwanted usage.  WSE recently covered a detailed post on it to help you choose which model best suits your everyday needs.

Another alternative to support the campaign against global water shortage that will lead to a better environment for people is by effectively avoiding any sort of water wastage. For that, a water softener system that improves water quality by means of removing lime buildup helps a lot. As a result, you’ll be able to lessen the depletion of your own district’s water supply and help in the struggle against its global shortage. To add to that, you’ll end up even saving more money with the reduced consumption of water having a water softener system brings.  Harvey makes some of the best water softening systems in the UK that is sure to help you with any of your problems in the matter.




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