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Most Anticipated First Person Games Of 2017

2017 has come with a bang as the first shooter games are topping the lists as the most anticipated games of the year. Over the years, a lot of games have evolved and been upgraded to add to that enthralling mixture of Story focused plots and action-packed horror scenes. The Game lovers are quickly adjusting to the fast change in technology in order to acquire the most realistic game experience ever.

Nobody can deny the enormous impact First Person games have had during the last decade on the younger generation. A lot of games lovers are more and more attracted to the horror, blood-filled, futuristic and zombie-like games that steer up an explosion of excitement and total out-right game world addiction.

Here are few First-Person games that have topped the charts of 2017;

1. Quake Champions

A game set to be released this year that got people skeptical because the previous version of quake multiplier was awesome and everyone was not rooting for a change. This new Quake Champion has only got a PC version released but the game is fun and adds character classes and abilities in a different way to what Quake fans are used to.

2 Call of Duty 2017

Now the previous version, Infinite Warfare, turned out not to be the worst game as many had thought it would but everyone hopes that this new call of duty does go back to basics. Many players would like to see a return to form and boots on the ground type of combat but everything is still up in the air. It is also important to note that some players still like the current set-up in infinite warfare so the tables are still split on call of duty.

3 Star Wars Battlefront 2

We do know that this game will right the wrongs of the original in the sense that it is going to give players a single player experience which was extremely missed from the first game. While the first Battlefront game was not perfect, there is a potential here to build on the features considering the developers have all the Star Wars profits at their disposal.

4 Dusk

A unique game that is rooted in the past and emphasizes fast-paced high-speed shooting gameplay. Now Dusk is very much reminiscent of quake and doom but with not only a lot of really cool things like double barreled shotguns, there is also duo-wheeled knifes. Players are allowed to move literally 360 degrees in the air and shoot which is an awesome gameplay.

5 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

The game does have a generic title but in the game, you play as an American sniper behind enemy lines in Georgia near the Russian border. Basically, there is a bunch of warlords taking over the area and it is up to you to systematically take them out and resume control. What Ghost Warrior 3 does is that it expands the gameplay and give you a lot of options to tackle things. You are not always just a Sniper. While there is an intense and realistic Sniper mechanic built in, there is also way more stealth gameplay where you can sneak around and get more close-quarters kills and use gadgets to your advantage.


Although as expected, all the hype around the 2017 First Person games is going off the charts, there still a lot to be desired from the new versions to be released. Personally, Quake of Champions has topped my rankings for the 2017 most anticipated First-Person games but you never know what new features can be added to the other games.